Page Changes (Rename, Copy, Move)

From the Page View each file has four visible options to the right of each .pcf file: Edit, Review, Publish and File. Mouseover each option to open submenus below them based on type of modification to be made.  

  1. Select: Content - mouseover the .pcf (page control file) to be edited it will turn light gray and options; Edit, Review, Publish and File will appear.
  2. Select arrow next to desired option for dropdown menu to appear. 
    * If these options do not appear this means you do not have authority for making these changes. Consult with your account administrator about increasing your user access level or find out who could make these changes for you.Page View


  1. There are 4 options: Page (view the page), Source (view source code), Properties (page properties) Access (access settings), Reminders (schedule a page to be published or set up a reminder to update your page because the information is stale). 

Page Edit Options


  1. Two Review options available: Preview (page without edit tabs) or Log (view history of who created/updated the page)

Page Review Options


1. Three Publish options: Publish (still have option to run all test first), Schedule (schedule the page to auto publish at a future date) and Expire (expire a page on certain date and time)

Page Publish Options


  1. Rename, Move (default places file in current directory), Copy (copied files have '-1' added to the name of the file copied) and Move to Recycle - files can be retrieved from recycle via Contact option in global navigation however, the recycle bin gets emptied routinely so don't rely on it always being there for retrieval.

*** Folders/sections only have Delete option not Move to Recycle and they cannot be recovered once deleted.

Page File Options