Editing Guide

Once you enter the OU Campus Page view of the page you wish to edit:

  1. Check out the page by clicking the light bulb icon from the Page Actions Toolbar. If you see a red padlock icon instead of a light bulb, the page is checked out by someone else and you will not be able to edit the page. Learn more about Checking Out Pages.
  2. Click Edit from the Page Actions Toolbar.
  3. Click on the Green Button that says “Main Content” with a pencil icon or on a different green tab if you have more than 1 editable region on the page.
  4. Begin making your text edits inside the Editor.
  5. Once inside the Editor, all of the text on your page will become editable. You can delete words, change text and add new information as needed. If you are changing or adding text to your pages, be sure to review the basic content editing rules

When reviewing your edits, you will want to make sure that it’s ready to be published:

  • Make sure new content follows our Standard and Guidelines.
  • Make sure any changes you design work for mobile size to ensure it will renders properly on all platforms.
  • Use the Accessibility Check to make sure your content is accessible.
  • After saving changes, Preview the page before submitting it (if you are under Workflow) or Publish if approval is not required.