Assets are reusable pieces of content that can be placed on multiple pages. When an asset is edited and published, all pages that include the asset are automatically published with the changes. Assets make it convenient to update multiple pages that require the exact same information (i.e. the department phone number, hours, location, e-mail address, fax number forms, etc.).

What You Can Edit

As a Content Contributor you have the ability to edit your department/area owned asset. If your page includes the asset of your department’s phone number, you will be able to edit it. If your page includes assets that are owned by other departments, you cannot edit them.

For example, if some of your pages refers students to contact a Counselor and the phone number is in an asset, you will not be able to edit that asset as it is owned by Counseling. But, if Counseling changes their phone number and updates their asset, your page will automatically be updated.