Approvals and Workflows

OU Campus provides an automated workflow that can help your team manage the review and approval of content before it is published.

There are three roles in the OU Campus CMS: Contributor, Editor and Site Administrator. Depending on the size and Web capabilities of your team, you may have separate people in each role or one person handling all roles.

The optimum workflow is for content contributors to be separate from editors. This provides the best structure for ensuring content is correct and appropriate before it is published.

The basic workflow for managing a CMS site is outlined below. For full training information, see OU Campus Training.

Basic Workflow

  • Contributor adds or updates a page in the CMS and saves the changes.
  • CMS sends an E-mail to the Editor notifying that a page is ready for review.
  • Editor reviews page in OU and can either publish the pages as is, or make changes before publishing.

Additional Resources

See, OU Campus Documents.