Migration Meeting

Follow these steps to migrate your site into OU Campus

  1. Schedule a preliminary migration meeting to discuss the process and topics below.
  2. Follow the migration planning guide
  3. Take the necessary steps before and after the website goes live


  • Discuss your existing and/or new site(s) and URL(s)
  • View Template selection for your new site creation
  • Training and support
  • Determine department website account administrator(s) or liaison(s)
  • Discuss their roles and responsibilities (ours and yours)
  • Establish one or more account administrators with highest level of access (Level 10) for your area who will:
    • Create user accounts
    • Grant access and permission
    • Train users/content providers for your department.

For planning purposes

  1. Establish timeline for your web migration and select a tentative go-live date for your website(s).
  2. Go-live date(s) must be confirmed at least 7 days prior to actual launch date to allow time for coordination with the Security Office.
  3. The site owner must provide a comprehensive list of every current Uniform Resource Locator (URL) (e.g. http://go.sdsu.edu/education/ and provide the path where each page will reside post going live (e.g. http://education.sdsu.edu). View Web URL Redirect Example.
  4. Site review and launch — we can review the site with you to ensure the site is functional and all content is accounted for. We will then launch your site, whether it is a new site or replacing an old site.