Campus Web Services provides a number of services to support SDSU's web community, as follows:

  • Administration of the OU Campus web content management system to host public facing SDSU websites.
  • Administration of SDSU Intranet/SharePoint as part of SDSU Office365 offerings to host internal content and collaboration.
  • Administration of Compliance Sheriff to support web accessibility scans and remediation, roadmap and exemption process to ensure ADA compliance.
  • Management of the Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) Programs for SDSU in collaboration with campus stakeholders for CSU reporting purposes.
  • Coordination of monthly web community meetings to collaborate and share web related activities (i.e. ATI, OU Campus and SDSU Intranet/SharePoint).
  • Management of SDSU's configuration of the CSU Google Search Appliance in coordination with CSU Web Services.

Public Websites (OU Campus) 

The OU Campus Web Content Management System allows users to create and maintain websites without having to know any HTML.  Some of the features include multi-browser support, in-context WYSIWYG editor, direct edit, auto-save, scheduled publishing, workflow, and integration with Facebook and Twitter. For a comprehensive list of features, visit OmniUpdate.

Internal Websites (SDSU Intranet/SharePoint)

SDSU Intranet is a password protected on-line application and collaboration tool for sharing business related information internal to SDSU.  It's the storage component of Office365 - a secure place to store, organize, share, and access information from any device.  Access to SDSU Intranet requires SDSUid for authentication.