For OU Campus website-related questions, trouble reporting, training and support, contact designated OU Account Administrator.

Enrollment Services
  • admissions, advising, enrollment, registrar, veterans - Adrienne Hotaling
  • curriculum - Kelly Boyle
Instructional Technology Services
  • its - Marc Pastor
Academic Engagement & Student Achievement
  • aesa, assessment, rightside, ca-promise, common-experience, crs, crp, ctl, eap, fsmp, gatesscholarship, gts, honors, honors-council, intl-engagement, is3d,  motor-board, onsf, pkp, pregraduateschool, sage, sageclub, service-learning, swb, tausigma, tsoa, undeclared, undeclared-council, wasc -  Tanya Calienta, Michelle Lopez
OU Campus 

Business & Financial Affairs

  • bfa, directory, it, resources

Submit a request through ETS Service Desk:

  1. Go to  ETS Service Desk
  2. Sign-in with SDSUid credential (e.g.
  3. Service Category: Communication and Collaboration / Websites
  4. Topic: Websites (OU Campus)
  5. Subject Title: Need Technical Assistance
  6. Description: 
    1. Provide which website
      page (URL)
    2. Brief description of needed assistance.
  • Popak Roshan, Hannah Bowen, Eric Hansen, Kara Bauer
Graduate Research & Affairs
  • gra, innovation, research - Ian Moore, Stephanie Stocking, Derek Davila, Matt Brown
Imperial Valley Campus
  • borderlands, ivcampus, ivup - Adrian Gonzalez, Oliver Velarde

Student Affairs 
  • student-affairs, career-services, sasc (student ability success center) - Candy Carson 
  • diversity, president - Jeff Ernst
University Relations & Development
  • brand, commencement, communities, discovery, events, give, leadership, marcomm, newscenter, plf, smokefree, tcf, update, urd, urgent, www - Jeff Ernst

For assistance with the following:

The Campanile Foundation
  • foundation - Jeff Ernst

For assistance with the following:

SDSU Research Foundation
  • foundation - Debi Kempland
College or Arts & Letters Account
  • cal, larclab - Ginger Shoulders
Fowler College of Business Administration
  • cba, bay - John Owens
College of Education
  • coe (education) - Manny Uribe
College of Engineering
  • ae, ccee, engineering, enve, mep, mesa, t2e  - Marcie Morihire, Chris Paolini, Cassandra Cate
College of Engineering
  • ces - FNU Yunita
College of Health and Human Resources Services
  • chhs - Michael Huang
Professional Studies and Fine Arts
  • psfa - John Petreikis  
  • coastal, crsc. sci, sts - Chris Leong, Eric Ackerman