Upload Images and Documents

  1. From global navigation bar, select: Content, then PagesGlobal Navigation Bar
  2. From page view, select: UploadUpload option
  3. Either drag and drop an image or document from your desktop, then 'Start Upload' or 'Add' an image/document and select from a file on your computer then, 'Open' and 'Start Upload'.
  4. After image/document has uploaded, publish it. Note: if you publish the page without the image/document being published first, the page will reflect a broken image/document. It's a good practice to publish them immediately after upload for this reason. 
  1. Put the cursor on the location where you want the image or document
  2. Click the 'Insert/Edit Image' or 'Insert/Edit Link' button in the toolbar
  3. Click the 'Browse' button to the right of the text box
  4. Find where the image/doc is located and select it. Some accounts store them at OU home icon: Select _resources, images, than view the images by right clicking over an image and select open.  You may either use back arrow to return to images or "Cancel".
  5. Browse to the image/document you want, then click on it and click "Select File"
  6. Enter an image description, which describes the image for non-sighted people using assistive technology. The image description must be greater than seven characters, and cannot contain the word "image" or "picture" in the description. If this is a decorative image, like a bullet icon, then check the "decorative image" box. This will assign a null value to the image description, and will be ignored by assistive technology, screen readers.
  7. Click "Insert"
  1. Put the cursor on the location where you want the image/document
  2. Click 'Upload'
  3. Click in box next to 'Overwrite Existing' box
  4. Either use 'Add' button and select an image/document then select 'Open' or drag a file from desktop
  5. The filename and size of file will appear
  6. Select 'Start Upload'.
  7. It will inform you of successful completion
  8. Click "Insert"
  9. Once image/document is uploaded the window will close automatically

There is a size limit of 1MB for uploaded images. To avoid this limit, re-size your images before you upload them.

To re-size images In OU Campus, click the "Upload" button, then select "Edit and Upload Image" before choosing the image. This will open the image in the editor (this can take several seconds, so be patient). After the image is loaded in the editor, open the Resize panel, enter the desired width  for the image (660px is the widest you are likely to need) then click the Resize button. Now you should be able to continue with the upload.

Note: if the extension is missing from the file name (e.g. .jpg or .doc) you may receive a message indicating the file has exceeded the size limit. Try saving it again with the appropriate extension for a successful outcome.

View Quick Tips regarding images in Standards and Guidelines.

Image Gallery

Marketing and Communications has compiled a gallery of images for San Diego State University use.

View SDSU Photo Gallery

If you are looking for more specific photos, contact Jeff Ernst in Marketing and Communications for assistance. More photos beyond what's shown in the gallery are available.  Marketing and Communications will work with campus partners on a case-by-case basis.

Contribute to Gallery

Marketing and Communications would love to add your photos to this gallery. The photos must
be licensed to share and approved by your department for campus-wide use.