Introduction to the Approval Process

OU Campus allows all of us to manage content, make website changes, and help make sure the content is up to date and current.

Your website contains a lot of information. Keeping the information current and accurate relies on expertise from all areas of the campus. That’s where you, our content contributors, come in. OU Campus allows us to manage content, make website changes, and helps make sure that content is up to date and accurate.

OU Campus facilitates workflows and approval process, allowing multiple users to have access to manage content. The system ensures that the content is accurate and that the website design is maintained, and that the content and structure is consistent. With an approval process, content contributors will have access to specific pages that they are in charge of managing. When they are finished making their edits, they will send their page to an approver, to review their work prior to the page being published to the live website.

Additional Resources

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